How to sell on Youtube and what mistakes to avoid

  • written by Grace Miller
  • published on 1 April 2022
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How to sell on Youtube and what mistakes to avoid

YouTube offers incredible opportunity to digital product sellers and content creators.

As the 3rd largest search engine in the world, 1 billion hours of YouTube are watched per day! YouTube is growing immensely, and anyone with a presence on YouTube stands to gain a huge return.

One of the age-old problems, however, is how to monetize your channel? While there are many options, we'll be focusing on selling digital products through Sellfy, such as selling videos, LUTs, ebooks, and more.

When it comes down to selling your digital content on YouTube, it can essentially be boiled down to two major steps:

Getting people interested in the specific product you're selling through your video content. Driving traffic to your site.
Today we won't talk about creating compelling videos (there are a ton of resources out there on creating great video content), but we'll stick to the technical implementation of driving traffic to your online store, which is an art form all in its own.

To successfully sell on YouTube you have to stay on top of their algorithm changes. For example, just a few months ago YouTube changed their external linking policy for cards, limiting the use only to YouTube Partner Program participants (we'll cover this later, read on).

Fortunately, YouTube has a few other tools that allow for linking to external websites. When you've got a presence on YouTube, you have several options to place links to your store where you're selling your products.

Here are some ways you can drive traffic to your website on YouTube

Links in description
Custom link on profile banners
YouTube cards
YouTube end screens
We'll go over each of these methods, and provide a step by step guide to implement each one.

1. Add Links in the description & comments

Linking in the description is one of the most commonly used methods to send your viewers to a website of interest. One of the reasons for that is that anyone can do it, regardless of the age of the channel or amount of subscriptions you have.

YouTube viewers expect links in the description of any topics that were discussed in the video - they serve as a sort of reference catalogue of topics.

In any YouTube video, the first three lines of the description are always visible. Anything beyond that, and the user has to click "show more" For that reason, making use of those first three lines is imperative - so make them really count.

Pro tip: Shorten longer links to make them easier to read, make the text look cleaner and more uniform.

Another option is to write the links in the comments, and as the channel owner, you have the option to pin your comment to the top. It would look like this:

This lets you get even more eyeballs on your links, which can send viewers to your online store where you're selling digital content online.

How to do it:

  1. Go to the video uploading section by clicking on the camera icon in the top right corner of YouTube and select "upload video"
  2. After uploading the video file, add your description and links to the Description box
  3. If you'd like to shorten your links, use link shortening services such as Goo gl or Bit ly
  4. Publish, and you're done!

PART 2 Coming up next Wednesday

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